GTC – Terms and Conditions

1. The Offer

All offers from Europe Direct GmbH are non-binding offers.

The offer is only valid for the offered quantity/ies. In the case of a partial purchase, please consult with us before sending the purchase order to confirm if the prices can be maintained. The offer will be valid for a period of 30 days, unless otherwise specified in the offer.

Net weight and origin information are provided by the manufacturer or supplier. These will be confirmed once the material is received in our warehouse and inspected.

Delivery conditions: Unless expressly stated otherwise in the offer, the condition is Incoterm – FCA Neuching (Free Carrier – Neuching 85457), Germany.

2. Delivery and Lead Times

As an additional service to our customers, Europe Direct GmbH sends a merchandise confirmation email before dispatching, complying with the Incoterm – FCA Neuching condition when the merchandise is ready for dispatch in Europe Direct GmbH warehouses. If the customer requires it, the notice may be supplemented with photographs of the items in stock.

The delivery times indicated in our offer are standard delivery times under normal circumstances. Due to material shortages, many manufacturers are currently facing significantly longer delivery times. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the indicated delivery times. In some cases, significant deviations occur. If you have projects with deadlines, please plan enough time reserves for possible delivery delays. Delivery conditions: Incoterm – FCA Neuching (Free Carrier – Neuching 85457), Germany.

3. Purchase Order

All purchase orders must be sent to our email sales(at) All purchases made through other means, whether by text message, phone call, or verbal communication, must be formalized in writing and sent to our email sales(at)

Purchase orders must clearly indicate customer details, item descriptions, quantity of items requested, delivery time frame, unit price, total value, and currency of the order.

Sending your purchase order implies that you have accepted our offer, agreed to the commercial terms indicated therein, and accepted the technical terms indicated for each offered item.

If there are discrepancies between the terms of your purchase order and our offer, the terms indicated in our offer will be valid. Therefore, sending your purchase order will indicate that all terms of the offer have been accepted. Otherwise, it should be indicated in the purchase order or by the buyer before Europe Direct GmbH sends the purchase order confirmation.

In cases where the description of the item(s) in the purchase order differs from that indicated in the offer, the description indicated in the offer will prevail. In cases where the quantity of the item(s) in the purchase order differs from that indicated in the offer, the quantity indicated in the offer will prevail. In cases where the delivery condition of the item(s) in the purchase order differs from that indicated in the offer, the delivery condition indicated in the offer will prevail. In cases where the payment condition of the purchase order is different from that indicated in the offer, the payment condition indicated in the offer will prevail.

The minimum amount of a purchase order cannot be less than 100 Euros.

If the customer decides to terminate the purchase order, the customer must bear all costs incurred by Europe Direct GmbH. These costs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the stage at which the purchase order is.

4. Payments

The payment condition will be 100% paid along with the purchase order; another form of payment will be evaluated depending on the client’s economic capacity. It will also depend on the amount of the purchase order. Important note regarding bank transfers: Bank charges: all bank charges must be included in the payment (charges at origin and charges at destination). Charges / Details of Charges: O.UR

5. Dispute Resolution, Responsibilities, and Defects

The offer sent by Europe Direct GmbH and accepted by the client will be the valid document to resolve any discrepancies, whether technical or commercial. The limitation of liabilities is expressed by the International Commercial Terms (INCOTERM), which includes: price scope, moment of risk transfer, and expenses of the seller or buyer, place of delivery of the goods, responsible for contracting and paying for transportation, who contracts and pays for insurance, documents processed by each party and who covers the costs, responsible for procedures and payment of customs duties. Europe Direct GmbH is a supply management company, so the warranties of the goods will refer to the warranties of the original manufacturers. Europe Direct GmbH may manage the activation of a warranty, provided that the item is in the same condition as dispatched, in its original packaging, without use or testing, reprogrammed, or any other condition indicating a defect other than manufacturing. Europe Direct GmbH reserves the right to limit or reject any warranty claim for merchandise without the original manufacturer’s warranty or referring solely to purchase errors. All transportation costs for the return of the goods will be covered by the buyer unless a different agreement is reached. The Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of München, HRB 155198, and the applicable laws in Germany.

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